Soil Test & Reports

Lake 2 Country Building Designs  can have a soil test completed for you at very competitive prices. We will only charge you a small admin fee for this service that will also include an explanation by one of our designers on the possible effects this will have on the cost of your House or larger project.

We can also have your site inspected by the engineer at the same time as the soil test is getting done that will save you the cost of extra travel when the time comes if you have Lake 2 Country Building Designs complete your building design. 

The quality of soil property by property even in the same estate can vary greatly, and can add thousands to the cost of your foundations. We strongly recommend having a soil test completed before you purchase any property and then getting the advice of a qualified Building Designer also.

The sad thing is most builders will quote on an “M” site even if you supply the soil classification at the time of requesting the quote. This is why it’s important to get independent advice from a building designer as to what effect this will have on your build cost.

We can also have the wind classification completed at the same time as the soil test giving you even more understanding of the sites attributes. Many Builders will quote on a N2 Wind/Terrain site, although with ever increasing inconsistencies of the weather systems we don’t agree with designing any home under a N3 wind standard, regardless if the current standards allow for N2 as it is of minimal cost to upgrade.

The great advantage that you have when getting your plans completed independently by   Lake 2 Country Building Designs  is, the builder has to quote on what is supplied by law as all engineering is completed before tendering.

The trick to saving cost with any building project is taking control from the beginning, so by being aware from before the purchase, you can keep control though the construction of any home, multi residential, or commercial project allowing you save thousands on most projects.