Rezoning, MCU’s & Operational Works proposals

Lake 2 Country Building Designs offers a complete service when it come to planning and design issues. The regulations on those wishing to build, regardless if it’s a new home or if it’s a large commercial project are becoming too cumbersome for most developers and many builders as more Local, State and Federal Governments introduce more and more regulations for the Home Owner and Builder to comply with.

Lake 2 Country Building Designs with their large variety of in house expertise and their external consultants can take the stress out of this for a relatively low fee. This is due to the fact that we deal with most government agencies on a daily basis and have systems in place that stream lines the application preparation and lodgement with these government agencies.

Lake 2 Country Building Designs  will keep you informed at every stage of the application process, this includes you being informed if anything needs to be amended. We will always try to offer you more than one option if an amendment needs to be made but our first preference will be to keep with your first request and design.

The following are just some of the Town Planning services that we offer in conjunction with our many consultants;

  1. Section 149 certificates;
  2. Rezoning of a Lot;
  3. Change of use for premises;
  4. Operational Works application;
  5. Building Application lodgement (single residential house);
  6. Building Application lodgement (Multi residential housing);
  7. Building Application lodgement (Commercial);
  8. Plumbing Application Lodgement(single residential house);
  9. Plumbing Application Lodgement (Multi residential housing);
  10. Plumbing Application Lodgement (Commercial);
  11. Reclassification of Building applications;
  12. Lake 2 Country Building Designs will also coordinate the consultants to supply the information to council and your solicitor for strata titling of most premises also.