Project planning

The success of any project regardless of whether it’s a house, a duplex, a commercial building or a major tourism operation starts with project planning. There is no use completing a building design if it’s not going to comply with the local planning scheme, your development approval, the relevant caveat constraints or if it just doesn’t fit on the property obviously.

The project needs to be planned from the beginning, the designer needs to ensure that town planning issues are considered and that the clients wishes can be accommodated, otherwise the project will not succeed in anyway. Lake 2 Country Building Designs works on the principle that the designer should have such a deep understanding of the project that it is only logical for the building designer to also be the project coordinator ensuring that all relevant consultants are engaged at the right time. Lake 2 Country Building Designs does just that, we will become your project coordinator during the planning stage, no passing the work load off to you to make contact with civil engineers, hydraulic engineers, soil testers, town planers, etc as we have spent many years developing knowledge of all the relevant areas of engineering, Town Planning systems, surveying, etc that allows us to work with these consultants in a time competitive manner that saves you fees.  

We will work with our clients at all time regarding the assessment and engagement of all consultants.