Local Government

Lake 2 Country Building Designs are always pleased to work on both small and large projects for Local Governments. We understand the importance of streetscapes, community consultation and the requirements for any new structure for a local Council to be both cost effective, but also safe and tasteful.

We understand that any building that a Local Government builds sets the mood for all private developments within the local area, and that many interest groups will most likely be involved, in one way or another.

The next time that you’re council is looking for a design studio that will not only design what the council needs, but will also show the upmost respect to all interest groups so as to make your job easier contact Lake 2 Country Building Designs and we will be more than happy to discuss the projects requirements with you. We understand that any council development will set the characteristics of the local area, so it must be up to the highest standard.

We understand that council staff have a passion to make their town a beautiful, relaxing  and a place to encourage a community structure and atmosphere, so we try to incorporate all of these considerations into our designs.