Light Commercial

The design team at Lake 2 Country Building Designs understands the uneck differences and features that are required in every Light Commercial project.

Light Commercial design is unlike other building design disciplines, but saying this it is also vary rewording for the building design team to work on as they don’t just bring a building to life, but a whole production, marketing and dispatch system to life.

The first step for our team is to get an understanding of the project at hand with such issues as the local built environment, the State and Local Government regulations effecting the site and whether the project is a custom built facility or a speculative investment that must be 100% multipurpose.  

Our team can design anything from your local shopping centre, to a industrial complex that may include many design features required to allow for machinery installation and efficient usage at the same time as ensuring the required exciting external presentation of the building to grow and maintain your corporate image.

The Design team at Lake 2 Country Building Designs will supply a complete coordination service through our network of Town Planners, surveyors, Engineers, Landscape Architects, and more.

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