Duplex & Multi Residential Design

When it comes to Multi Residential Projects Lake 2 Country Building Design has it under control with our full network of consultants and our own in house expertise.

 Steve and his staff understand the competitive nature of the property development industry after being personally involved in the Spec Home industry for many years.

Lake 2 Country Building Designs is your one stop shop for Duplex & Multi Residential development planning as we don’t just act as Building Designers, but we are your complete design and planning coordination service.

Lake 2 Country Building Designs will be happy to not only complete the master and construction plans for your project, but also coordinate all the required consultants and council issues such as Town Planers, Engineers, surveyors, Landscape Architects and Council Development Applications ensuring minimum delays in the planning process as you have one office coordinating all aspects of the development.      

Lake 2 Country Building Design can also offers a Tender Management Service that will supply you with many competitive quotes from our local Builders Network, for more information check out our Tender Management service.

SYB13-07-14 Street View

SYB13-07-14 Cesnock Duplex Righ Overhead View