Construction Documentation

The quality of documentation for any building project regardless if it’s a house or a commercial project  can be the difference between, coming in on budget or having massive blowouts in cost.

Lake 2 Country Building Designs  supplies three (3) levels of documentation that are all above industry standard.  Lake 2 Country Building Designs offer “Entry Level” documentation, recommended for basic housing projects only, “Full Specification” documentation this is recommended for all housing, duplex and commercial projects and “Tender Level” this includes our full project administration service.    

  • Entry Level   

The Entry level documentation is fine for most Home Building projects. This is  providing your hands on with your builder to complete your final specifications for lighting, plumbing fixtures, paint finishes, brick selection, floor coverings, etc before any contract is signed.  The Entry Level documents include your standard site plan, floor plans, elevations, water proofing specifications, full structural framing details, bracing specifications, drainage plans for all plumbing work, foundation dimensions for engineer, electrical plans, construction details, energy efficiency reports and 3D images of your project.            

  • Full Specification

The full Specification level will go through everything, including the requirements of the kitchen appliances, light fittings, bathroom fittings, plumbing fittings, external cladding including colour selection of mortar for bricks, paint finishes and number of coats, floor coverings and the quality of work to be adhered to.  We use both the NATSPEC specification packages and our own Specification system, depending on the project and construction detail required.   NATSPEC was founded in 1975, as a not-for-profit organisation that is owned by the design, build, construct and property industry through professional associations and Government property groups. It is impartial and is not involved in advocacy or policy development.

The Full Specification level gives you everything in the Entry Level plus the benefits of our design team working with you to develop a full specification of your whole project. Regardless if this is your New Home, Duplex or a Commercial Project this is a wonderful service that should save you both time and money when it comes to getting building quotes.

The benefits of using NATSPEC or a system developed by a building designer opposed to a package put together by a builder or a builders association is the fact that the Design Industry is committed to saving their clients from cost blowouts, where builders are committed to higher profits by hiding cost blowouts until the client is committed. We recommend this service to any client that wishes to save on the cost of their project and remove as much of the risk of a cost blowouts as possible.