Building Design 
The team at Lake 2 Country Building Designs is dedicated to providing the very best in residential, commercial & industrial design.
Lake 2 Country specialize in both custom designs and standard building designs that can be purchased as is or we can make modifications for a modest fee.
The team at Lake 2 Country is dedicated to designing homes that are energy efficient, comfortable, structurally sound and cost effective.
Before any custom project is undertaken, the team at Lake 2 Country will complete a preliminary Town Planning study before commencing work, at which time they will notify you if they find anything of concern.   
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Council & Engineering Services 
Lake 2 Country will take all the stress and confusion out of your building project with our full planning service.
The Lake 2 Country Town Planning service includes Council negotiation, the preparation of the mandatory Statement of Environmental Effects, and coordination of specialist Consulting Town Planners where required.
The Lake 2 Country Team is split into two working groups, the first group is architectural staff who will bring your dream to life, while the second team is the structural and compliance team that specialize in the preparation of the structural details, Code Compliance and the coordination of all consulting engineers.  
Please view our full list of services below.