About Us

Lake 2 Country Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Steve Boughton who is the companies Design & Development Director. Steve concentrates on managing the Design office, the research departments, and supplying builder backup support.

Steve has over 42yrs of practical experience in construction and the associated industries such as Building Design and manufacturing, along with loads of technical and business qualifications.

Steve's son Colbain is an associate in the design business, after doing a school based carpentry apprenticeship whilst completing his Grade 12 School Certificate (home educated by Steve) Colbain is now carrying on with his drafting/design cadetship whilst also studying a Diploma in Construction Building and Management.
It should be mentioned that Colbain, whilst being home educated has been on construction sites all of his life with the incentive to finish each days school work being the option to be allowed to get involved with the construction job.

Samuel Boughton
Head Chainman
Sydney Harbour Bridge 1930
The family has a proud history within the Australian construction industry, both sides of the family, Beards & Boughton's have been involved in major projects from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Burrinjuck Dam, hundreds of houses throughout Sydney with Steve's Son's being the 4th generation to be involved. Steve has built rail bridges, pumping stations, massive sugar sheds, dams, factories & houses, shops and poultry sheds. Most of Steve's construction work was done in cyclone category areas of Nth Qld.
One of the many "Workers Cottages"
Built in Sydney by Richard Beard 1920's & 30's
Beard Family Home
Built Richard Beard 1934
Balmoral Beach Sydney
Now in 2014-15 Steve's sons Leon and Colbain have built a few houses in Qld mostly to train Colbain up in his carpentry apprenticeship although most of their combined effort these days is operating a creative building design office and offering services to builders & tradies.
The hands on construction aspect of the family business has been wound back due to Leon's career change into a private venture, this will allow him more time to dedicate to his Australian mission work, Steve who is now over 60yrs old finds climbing around roof trusses all day is getting too hard.
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